Taking risk out of the equation.

Having performed over $1 billion in projects, we understand that a purchase order is not only a contract for services but the currency of trust and true partnership. That’s why we work tirelessly to take risk out of the equation on every project, for every client.

Our design build experts have decades of real-world industry experience and have worked in industrial plants of all ages and sizes. Additionally, ITAC’s leadership has owned and operated its own manufacturing facility, so we understand the pressure and challenges of a 24/7 operation — the kind of knowledge you can only earn through experience.

Historical data and in-the-trenches experience allow us to master every phase of a project, anticipate downstream impacts and mitigate risks. We collaborate with you to develop the scope, budget and execution plan that will move your project forward and drive the design and construction phases.

Bottom line – we guarantee no surprises in budget or schedule. That’s what we call Assured Project Management (APM®).  In fact, we promise to meet or beat the cost and schedule commitments for the scope of services entrusted to us. To assure total project success, we resolve complex project matters in good faith, truth and fairness.

Innovative from the start.

In the 1980s, ITAC founder and CEO, Sidney Harrison, was a senior project manager at Allied Chemical managing multi-discipline projects with multi-million-dollar budgets. However, the project execution model was cumbersome, disjointed and costly. He realized what was missing from the equation was a comprehensive industrial services partner he could trust to design and build projects from concept to completion and to deliver turnkey, innovative solutions on time and on budget. In 1988, Sidney’s strong desire and dream to innovate the project delivery process and to improve the way things were done led to the creation of ITAC and the assembly of a team of talented design build experts.

Following in our founder’s footsteps, ITAC’s philosophy is to challenge each step in the project process and to constantly identify opportunities for innovation and improvements in safety, function and production for complex industrial environments. With this forward-thinking mindset and a focus on creating a winning client experience, ITAC has become a leading industrial design-build firm.

ITAC Design Build Firm Founded by Sidney Harrison Jr.

Meet our team of design build experts.

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Our Process

The seeds of success for industrial and manufacturing projects are planted long before start-up. Planning, precision and quality are required at every stage, and our Assured Project Management (APM®) process creates success by seeking out and removing the unknowns and assumptions that can derail even the best plan.  APM® Excellence is built into every project, with every client.

Project management-led. Construction driven.

From front-end project planning to closeout, we develop an Assume Nothing Execution Plan (ANEP) that aligns all services and project details in a seamless delivery process. The latest 3D laser scanning/modeling and project management technology are employed so we can achieve timesaving accuracy and efficiently communicate with you. Proactive and constant risk assessment allows for agile thinking that drives innovation. Robust project controls prevent costs and labor hours from going off the track.

Assured Project Management, ITAC Industrial General Contractor

APM® Excellence

Step 1 - Identify Assumptions & Risks

Our proactive APM® process begins with risk management and project execution planning. Empowered with decades of experience and technology like 3D laser scanning, we identify all assumptions and risks upfront, so we can prepare for the unplanned.

Step 2 - Assume Nothing Execution Plan

Our proprietary Assume Nothing Execution Plan (ANEP) removes the identified assumptions, significantly reduces risk and seamlessly integrates the design and build phases. Rigorous project controls allow our clients to make the right decisions at the right time.

Step 3 - Monitor & Adapt

Throughout the project lifecycle, we constantly monitor and adapt the ANEP as new assumptions and risks are introduced, keeping our clients fully informed every step of the way. Daily assessment of risk keeps us agile and ready to tackle the unplanned.

Step 4 - Assured Success

APM® guarantees no surprises in budget, scope and schedule. Our proven process and diligence in the project details assures success and a winning client experience, every time.

Relentlessly protecting our most important assets. Learn about our award-winning safety performance.

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