Leadership Team

A private company, ITAC is owned by 30 employee shareholders who consistently raise the bar for themselves, the company and our clients. This team is comprised of some of the most seasoned design build industrial experts in the industry, across all phases of the project delivery process. We believe in hard, honest work, building collaborative teams and following well-defined project execution plans. Empowered by knowledge gained from decades of experience, we deliver innovative solutions for assured success.

Sidney Harrison, Jr.

CEO | Principal Shareholder

Jon Loftis

President | Principal Shareholder

Rick Starnes

Sr. Vice President | Principal Shareholder

Steve Gordon

VP, Business Development | Principal Shareholder

Teresa Meade

Director, Employee Services | Associate Shareholder

Kim Thomas

Director, Finance | Principal Shareholder

Bruce Shannon

VP, Design-Build | Principal Shareholder

John Moody

VP, Project Management & Technology | Principal Shareholder

John Whitty

VP, Engineering | Principal Shareholder

Denny McDermott

VP, Construction | Associate Shareholder

Bruce Simms

VP, Specialty Services | Principal Shareholder

Jim Biggins

Director, Power Systems | Principal Shareholder

Walt Johnson

Project Director | Principal Shareholder

Mike Pitek

Director, Project Management & Services | Principal Shareholder

Vance Holt

Director, Projects, North Carolina

David McGuire

Director of Operations, North Carolina

Brenda Clarke

Director, Engineering | Associate Shareholder

Keith Godsey

Director, Self-Perform Construction | Associate Shareholder

Scott Bradley

Director, Project Controls

George Crocker, Jr.

Director, Procurement & Contracts

Paul May

Director, Information Technology | Associate Shareholder

Mark Wolfsheimer

Manager, Project Management | Associate Shareholder

Leigh Smith

Sr. Project Manager | Principal Shareholder

Scot Garner

Manager, Electrical & Controls Engineering | Associate Shareholder

Mac Kennedy

Controls Specialist | Associate Shareholder

Larry Justesen

Consulting Engineer | Associate Shareholder

Art Sinclair

Consulting Engineer | Associate Shareholder

Chris Stidham

Sr. Lead Mechanical Designer | Associate Shareholder

Mike Jones

Manager, Custom Machinery | Associate Shareholder

Whitney Harrison Böhme

Marketing & Brand Manager

Kayla Siwiec

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Entrepreneurial from the beginning. Learn more about how these leaders built ITAC.

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