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Capturing value throughout the project lifecycle.

After carefully planning and scoping a project, we guide you through the engineering and design phase. With decades of industrial experience, our design build experts ensure that the value of our high-quality engineering lasts long after startup. Together, we work through the lifetime operational and maintenance impacts of the plant and the processes designed.

As a truly integrated engineering and construction firm, our engineers and designers collaborate with our builders on the constructability of our design models and plans. Our keen understanding of the construction process enables us to offer value engineering solutions early in the design cycle.

APM® assures success.

Budget. Scope. Schedule. Three little words that carry a truckload of responsibility. That’s why a well-defined project plan and a structured project management approach are critical to a successful build. Our APM® (Assured Project Management) process delivers success by seeking out and removing the unknowns and assumptions that can derail even the best plan.

The foundation of our approach is established with a customized Assume Nothing Execution Plan, which seamlessly integrates the engineering/design, procurement and construction phases. Through rigorous project management and controls, you’ll stay fully informed and prepared to make the optimal decisions. Taking risk out of the equation, APM® guarantees no surprises in budget, scope or schedule.

Technology that drives innovation.

At ITAC, our guiding principle is to continuously seek ways to improve safety, function and production for complex industrial environments. Harnessing the power of the latest tools and technology allows us to deliver innovative approaches that turn big challenges into big opportunities.

During the engineering and design phase, we use our 3D laser scanning and modeling capabilities to produce accurate designs and deliverables that live up to our stringent quality standards. Minimizing the impact on operations, this time-saving technology creates intelligent renderings of the jobsite and mitigates the risk of human error. It enables us to plan and design for true existing conditions, improving the safety and quality of the installation, while keeping unplanned field changes and costs to an absolute minimum.

Experts in Automation.

As a full-service engineering firm, we’re highly specialized in process controls and automation. Whether increasing productivity, reducing costs, controlling product quality or improving employee safety, we have the design build automation capabilities to plan, design, build, and program your next controls project. Consulting with you during all phases of the project allows us to innovate and customize controls and hardware solutions that meet your specific needs.

ITAC is currently licensed to provide services in 42 states.  Please contact us for more specific information as to the state licenses ITAC holds.  Nothing stated on this website is intended to infer that ITAC provides services in states where it is not licensed to do so.
ITAC Engineering and Design Capabilities for Construction Projects

What our clients are saying …

I would highly recommend ITAC for any project, especially where design complexities and custom engineering are factors in the project. ” - Tyler Charles, Project Manager, Carter Machinery Power Systems
ITAC Engineering and Design Capabilities

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