Fall Protection

Taking Safety to the Highest Level.

With safety at the core of our culture and capabilities, we provide turnkey fall protection solutions to help protect your most valuable assets – your employees. As a leading provider of design build safety services, our fall protection team is committed to minimizing the risk of fall-related hazards and has completed projects across the United States as well as internationally.

From the U.S. Supreme Court to university basketball courts, we serve a diverse set of clients and industries, including industrial and manufacturing, government and military and commercial and recreation. Our certified team of fall protection engineers, technicians, trainers, and safety and construction professionals has decades of experience protecting workers at heights. We equip you with the knowledge you need to identify and control hazards in the workplace.

Holding ourselves accountable to the highest safety standards and practices, our fall protection experts are all OSHA Competent and Qualified Persons who are active thought leaders and members of the National Safety Council (NSC), the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the International Society for Fall Protection (ISFP).

Life-Saving Solutions.

From site assessments and engineering to installation, testing and training, we strive to be the only fall protection partner you need. Our collaborative, agile approach drives innovation and leads to assured results for safety-conscious clients. We are flexible in our approach to project execution and are willing to do as much or as little as the client needs.

ITAC Safety at Industrial Site

Fall Protection Equipment

We are a full-line distributor and certified installer for major equipment manufacturers, including ErectAStep®. Our diverse offering of safety equipment exceeds all applicable legislative requirements and provides benchmarks for comfort, safety and quality. For clients needing customized equipment, our internal fabrication capabilities produce unique and innovative fall protection products and structural supports.

Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifelines offer the most freedom of movement to workers at height but also require the greatest fall clearance, thorough engineering, and careful installation.

Rigid Rails

Rigid Rail systems offer the most freedom of movement to your workers with a minimized fall distance.

Platforms & Gangways

Platforms and gangways constructed in accordance with OSHA and IBC regulations offer workers quick and safe access to equipment.


Guardrails provide a reliable physical barrier between a worker and a hazard and are available in a variety of materials and configurations to control cost and impact to your structure - even eliminating roof penetrations.

Vertical Lifelines

Vertical lifelines and ladder climbing systems allow workers to safely climb in a natural posture, can arrest a fall in inches, and are compliant with the new OSHA 1910 standard.


Detailed and fabricated ladders are cost-efficient and less likely to contribute to a loss of balance or stability at height.

Anchorage Points

Anchor Points must be planned and engineered to ensure adequate strength, clearance, and accessibility.

Harnesses & Lanyards

In the last decade harnesses, lanyards, and retractables have seen an explosion of innovation; ITAC continually monitors available products to assure we’re specifying or supplying the right equipment for the job.

Our Line of ErectAStep® Products

Industrial Stairs

OSHA compliant all aluminum ErectaStep® 5 modular components give you unlimited configurations and saves on engineering and custom fabrications – installation is simple and lightweight.

Commercial Stairs

Commercial stairs are International Building Code (IBC) compliant, heavy duty and boast an all bolt together design for easy installation.

Architectural Stairs

The Architectural Stair kit delivers best-in-class engineering and construction – modern, sleek design and fast, easy installation.

Portable Stairs

IBC/OSHA compliant models are available from 4 to 9 steps with adjustable leg height for varying grade applications.


We deliver solutions for all your elevated work tasks, including mobile stairs, platforms, adjustable height rolling stairs and more.


The most adjustable self-closing safety swing gate simplifies compliance with just one gate.


Thoroughly educating workers on the latest industry standards and practices, we offer several training courses including OSHA Competent Person and OSHA Qualified Person. From tower climbing to aerial lifts, we also develop customized training programs to meet our clients’ specific needs. Read more about our training courses below. To schedule a course with our Fall Protection team, please complete the form, and we’ll contact you shortly.

Confined Space Entry Training

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Authorized Rescue Training

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Competent Rescue Training

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Qualified Person Training

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Authorized Worker Training

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Competent Person Training

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Protecting workers at heights is a part of ITAC’s award-winning approach to safety.

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