Planning & Scoping

Laying the groundwork for success.

The seeds of success for every project are planted long before start-up. How well a project is defined and planned in the foundational front-end loading (FEL) phase determines its fate. A poorly defined and planned project is costly, painful and destined for sub-par performance. That’s why we encourage our clients to invest the necessary time and resources in this critical stage.

We assure you achieve the desired outcomes by carefully and accurately planning and scoping the project before detailed designs are started or shovels ever hit the ground. Through a defined set of FEL deliverables, we guide you through concept and development, process design and front-end engineering, while thoughtfully and strategically defining project objectives and key results. By doing this meticulous work upfront, we can influence value, infuse innovation, and keep the cost impact of change to its lowest possible level.

Having an early seat at the table means we can commit to delivering the results our project plan promises. In fact, we guarantee we’ll meet or beat the cost and schedule targets for the scope of services entrusted to us.

Taking risk out of the equation.

A critical component of this process is seeking out and removing the risks and assumptions that can derail even the best plan. Empowered by knowledge gained from decades of experience, our design build experts pose insightful questions to identify any roadblocks that could threaten your objectives during the project lifecycle and long after start-up.

Proceed with confidence.

At the end of the planning and scoping process, you’ll be well equipped with a comprehensive project plan and the supporting documentation you need to secure approval and funding. The project’s cost, scope and schedule are well-defined, accurate and consistent with your planning process and business objectives. To assure total project success, we strive to exceed expectations and work tirelessly to solve complex project matters in good faith, truth and fairness.

ITAC Front End Engineering and Planning

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