In-the-trenches experience

ITAC’s Procurement team has decades of experience acquiring and managing products, materials, and services for capital projects. Having worked directly for our clients, our team’s “in-the-trenches” expertise allows us to uniquely understand their procurement needs and challenges. While keeping costs within an acceptable parameter, we provide value-based solutions to ensure your project has the right resources for success. Our team has the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ procurement models and has the tools necessary to support projects of any size, from single discipline to integrated design-build and EPC/EPCM contracts.

Assured Project Management (APM®) mitigates risk

With supply chain disruptions, schedule changes, budget impacts, and oftentimes, volatile markets, Procurement efforts must be managed efficiently to obtain a successful outcome. Our Procurement strategies, policies, and procedures are based on ITAC’s proprietary Assured Project Management (APM®) program. Through upfront project planning, APM® drives risk out of your project by systematically eliminating the assumptions and unknowns that can derail your execution plan. This detailed procurement planning allows us to better control the project’s schedule and cost while reducing exposure to redundant spending, budget overruns, and lost profits.

Assured Project Management (APM®) mitigates risk

Data collection is critical to the success of integrated design-build and EPC/EPCM projects. Whether it’s transactional spend, product trends, material commodity lead-times, or demand planning/forecasting, our PROCORE project management software allows seamless integration with the clients’ process workflows and delivers real-time transactional reporting to all involved parties. With this level of visibility into project delivery, our collaborative client-ITAC-supplier team can make informed decisions on project resources. With excellent record-keeping practices, we provide accurate documentation for easier traceability throughout a project’s life cycle. Our Procurement team maintains accountability throughout the stages of the procurement process and takes responsibility for decisions made.

Assured Project Management (APM®) mitigates risk

As supply chains grow both longer and more diverse, finding ways to mitigate risk and ensure continued operations while maximizing value is a top priority. ITAC’s legal counsel has been integrated into our Procurement process workflows, and our clients are reaping the rewards. Integrating contract management into our process saves our clients time, improves competitive bidding, and boosts their bottom line. We ensure your business is better protected against needless risk and ready to take advantage of valuable supply chain and relationship-building opportunities.

Procurement Services

  • Procurement Execution Planning
  • Materials Requirement Identification
  • Materials/Service Management
  • Contract Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Supplier Compliance Oversight
  • Bid Solicitation Process Management
  • Sourcing Strategy Deployment
  • Assess Suppliers & Create Supplier Portfolio
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • Supplier Optimization
  • Negotiation Strategies

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You cannot buy trust; you have to earn it. At ITAC, we understand that a purchase order is not only a contract for services but the currency of trust and true partnership. We work hard to earn our clients trust every day.

George Crocker, Director, Procurement & Contracts

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