Project Planning


The seeds of success for every project are planted long before start-up. Beginning with upfront project planning, our guiding principle is to deliver new ideas that ensure safety and optimize schedules and costs for complex industrial environments. Our detailed planning process leads to discovery and innovation that results in best value and assured success.

Laying the groundwork for success

How well a project is defined and planned in the foundational front-end loading (FEL) phase determines its fate. A poorly defined and planned project is costly, painful, and destined for sub-par performance. Our strong process engineering capabilities allow us to engage with our clients early in this critical phase. Through a series of FEL deliverables, we collaborate with you on concept and development, process design, and front-end engineering, while carefully and strategically defining project objectives and key results. By doing this meticulous work upfront, we can influence value and keep the cost impact of change to an absolute minimum.

Taking risk out of the equation

A critical component of our planning process is seeking out and removing the risks and assumptions that can derail the execution plan. Empowered by decades of “in-the-trenches” experience, our design-build experts pose insightful questions to identify any roadblocks that could threaten your objectives during the project life cycle and beyond.

Proceeding with confidence

At the end of this phase, you are well-equipped with a comprehensive project plan and the project baseline documents you need to secure approval and funding. We ensure the project’s cost, scope and schedule are well-defined, accurate and consistent with your business objectives.

Industrial Project Planning Services

FEL1 Concepts

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  • Create Initial Business Case
  • Develop Concepts
  • Evaluate Alternatives & Economics
  • Assess Risk

FEL3 Definition

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  • Refine Scope
  • Assess Risk
  • Support Funding Proposal

FEL2 Feasibility

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  • Identify Technology
  • Evaluate Alternatives & Economics
  • Refine Alternatives
  • Drive Value Engineering & Innovation
  • Define Scope
  • Assess Risk
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Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” applies to many tasks we undertake in our personal and professional lives. Regarding ITAC’s professional services, planning is paramount and holds a significant place in our Assured Project Management (APM®) program. Success doesn’t happen by accident.

Walt Johnson, Project Director

Learn about how our Assured Project Management (APM®) process takes risk out of project delivery.

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