Infusing innovation into every project.

For us, everything begins with innovation. From the way we approach projects to the specialty services we offer, our guiding principle is to continuously seek ways to improve safety, function and production for complex industrial environments.

Having sat on the same side of the table as our clients, we know time is money and efficiencies matter. We strategically and carefully plan all operations, tie-ins and interruptions to the plant to minimize downtime and risk. Safe execution and the protection of product and brand integrity are critical when designing and building changes or expansions in industrial facilities. Empowered by knowledge gained from decades of experience, our team ensures the value of our design build capabilities lasts long after startup. Together, we think through the lifetime operational and maintenance impacts of the plant and the processes designed. As a leading design build firm for projects up to $100 million, ITAC delivers innovative solutions across a variety of industries.

Power & Utilities

Ranging from single system or component upgrades to large combined cycle, fossil fuel, hydro plant or solar projects, our power team has an impressive record of design build utility experience.

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Chemicals, Films & Fibers

Having vast knowledge of chemical processes, films, plastics, semiconductors and fibers, our design build experts help clients define their process changes and expansions while safely meeting their technical and time challenges.

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Food & Beverage

With extensive knowledge of FDA requirements and CGMP, we deliver top quality process improvements to plant infrastructure as well as packaging, automation, integration, sanitation and utilities systems.

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Pulp, Paper & Wood Products

With decades of experience in pulp mills, paper mills and woodyards, we are highly specialized in modernizing, replacing or rehabilitating your mill equipment, utilities and infrastructure.

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As trusted leaders with a wide range of tobacco product experience, we specialize in primary processing, utilities and finished goods and are considered experts in tobacco plant automation.

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From basic utility upgrades to the more complex clean room and CGMP driven process improvements, our pharmaceutical experts have extensive knowledge of process safety management, process validation, FDA, quality and cleanliness requirements.

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We specialize in wood pellets, biodiesel, ethanol and solar projects. From raw material handling to finished goods, we ensure every byproduct of our process is funneled into different revenue streams, eliminating waste and increasing profit.

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Metals & Mining

We are well-equipped with the experience to design, build and manage every aspect of a project, while understanding the regulations and safety requirements mandated for the industry.

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Facilities & Government

Because of our reputation for innovation and quality, we are trusted to add or improve site infrastructure systems for finance, education and healthcare clients as well as government agencies—both military and non-military.

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ITAC's comprehensive capabilities drive projects from concept to completion.

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