Advancing sustainability with a zero-waste mentality.

In the early 1990s, we established ourselves as the trusted resource for clients in the biofuels industry. From Europe to the United States, we now have over 100 years of combined biofuels experience, specializing in wood pellets, biodiesel, ethanol and, more recently, solar projects. From raw material handling to finished goods, our goal is to use all derivatives of the biofuels process so there is no waste. Thinking through the lifetime operational and maintenance impacts of the plant and the processes designed, we ensure every byproduct of our process is funneled into different revenue streams.

As a forward-looking company focused on sustainability, we clearly see the role of the biofuels industry in the future of our country’s power and electrical infrastructure. As alternatives to coal and oil, improvements in biofuels technology are demonstrating financial viability and environmental value. We stay at the forefront of these ecological and economic trends to provide innovative and technologically current development, design and build services to the growing number of clients pursuing these sustainable power generation models.

Biofuels Industrial Plant

Biofuels experience that spans the globe.

Biofuels Expertise

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Proforma Data
  • Feed Stock Assessment & Market Availability
  • Site Evaluation & Selection
  • Risk Management
  • Phase One & Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment
  • Regulatory Permitting (EPA Air Permits Application)
  • Technology Assessment & Development
  • Direct & Finished Goods Material Flows
  • Process Flows & Volumes
  • Design Build & Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)

What our clients are saying …

ITAC was selected due to price efficiency and their experience in the design and construction of high voltage industrial power systems. They even provided value engineering ideas that reduced capital installation costs as well as helped to reduce operational and maintenance costs.” - Timothy Richter, Appomattox Bio Energy
Biofuels Industrial Project and Sustainability Focus

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