Deeply rooted in chemical process and manufacturing.

Our founders began their careers in the chemical business, and many of our senior managers, engineers and constructors are chemical industry transplants. The net result: ITAC is one of the most talented, knowledgeable and passionate chemical plant design build firms in the industry.

With training in plant production, process, and maintenance roles, we offer invaluable insights and keenly understand what’s important to our chemical manufacturing clients. Our team fully appreciates the need to reduce risk, improve quality and respect timeliness as we prepare and install construction packages. A thorough understanding of the various materials, fluids, gaskets, metals, etc., found in today’s chemical factories as well as a commitment to safe operations, maintenance, reliability and constructability of new capital projects, allows us to deliver innovative solutions and value.

With over 150 years of combined chemical process, films, plastics, semiconductors and fibers experience, our design build experts play critical roles in helping you define process changes and expansions while safely meeting your technical and time challenges. Beginning with project scope development and process engineering and including project management, design, installation, commissioning and start-up, ITAC is a trusted resource for your chemical plant project needs.

Industrial Plant, ITAC Chemicals, Films and Fibers

Industry experience as diverse as our company.

Chemicals Expertise

  • Chemical Process Design & Modeling
  • Extruders Through Winders
  • HAZOP Reviews
  • Laboratory Upgrades
  • Polymer Filtration
  • Polymer Melt Piping
  • Process Definition
  • Relief Valve Design
  • Resin Storage Systems
  • Vacuum & Pressure Dilute Phase Pneumatic Convey of Granulations & Pellets

Ready to plant innovation into your next project?

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