Deeply rooted in chemical process and manufacturing

Having sat on the same side of the table as our clients, ITAC’s founders began their careers in the chemicals market as engineers and project managers for AlliedSignal (now Honeywell). Equipped with in-the-trenches experience and firsthand knowledge of chemical plants and processes, our unit operations specialists have a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs. We specialize in specialty chemicals, polymers, minerals processing, and agricultural chemicals and are well-versed in the various materials, fluids, gaskets, and metals found in today’s chemical plants.

Our team of engineers will help you define process changes and expansions, address technical challenges, and optimize schedule and budget while improving quality and safety in hazardous environments. We think critically about how our planning and engineering solutions will impact your plant’s operability and maintainability for the long-term. From project scope development and process engineering to commissioning and start-up, ITAC delivers total project life cycle services for chemical capital projects.


Process Engineers

from Fortune 500 chemical companies

Chemicals Expertise

Specialty Chemicals

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  • Batch & Continuous Process Reactors
  • Precise Material Feeding Systems
  • Agitators & Mixing
  • Exchangers, Reboilers & Condensers
  • Distillation Columns
  • Packed Columns
  • Evaporators
  • Crystallizers
  • Extraction & Process Vacuum Systems
  • Ion Exchange Systems
  • Direct & Indirect Dryers
  • Hot Oil Heaters & Vaporizers
  • Filtration Systems
  • Biofuel Boilers & Scrubbers
  • Dilute & Dense Pneumatic Convey Systems
  • High Alloy Metal Specification
  • Corrosion Resistant Linings Application
  • HAZOP Facilitation (DHA & PHA)
  • Explosion Relief Design
  • Pressure Relief Valve and/or Disks

Polymers & Fibers

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  • Liquid Color Systems
  • Master Batch Additives
  • Solid Stating
  • Conditioning
  • Extrusion
  • Spin Beams
  • Filtration
  • Quenchers
  • Drawing & Twisting
  • Comminglers
  • Aspirators
  • Texturizing
  • Winders
  • Hoppers
  • Screw Feeders
  • Cutting
  • Balers
  • Finish Oil Applicators
  • Heat Setting
  • Fabric Construction

The team is easy to work with and willing to receive feedback. Technically, ITAC has all the right tools and knowledge. ITAC’s construction management is well-organized and follow a well-disciplined system to address issues.

Kirk Taylor, Sr. Principle Engineer | Ingevity