Forest Products

Helping clients write new chapters for their operations

With over 30 years of experience designing and building in the Forest Products market, our clients depend on our knowledge and expertise to optimize their operations. We have worked in pulp mills, paper mills, and woodyards on a wide array of products for Fortune 500 companies. We specialize in upgrading wood handling, pulping and bleaching, causticizing and chemical recovery, stock prep, and recycling systems as well as paper machines and roll handling systems. Many of our engineers and constructors bring prior mill operations and maintenance experience to our project teams, providing innovative solutions for your specific objectives. ITAC’s leadership has even owned and operated its own wood pellet manufacturing facility and uniquely understands the pressure and challenges of a 24/7 operation in this market.

Our design-build project portfolio includes FEL development, detailed engineering and design, construction, and construction management in mills producing linerboard, containerboard, corrugating medium, fine papers, tissue, newsprint, filter media, cigarettes (flax), and reconstituted tobacco products.  We collaborate with our clients to develop the project scope, schedule, and cost and support their teams with purchasing, contracting, managing, installing, and starting-up their projects safely and timely.


Engineers with 30+ years experience

working in Forest Products mills

Forest Products Expertise


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  • Complete Woodyard Systems
  • Tree-Length & Chip Woodyard Design, Engineering & Construction
  • Wood Handling & Storage including Wet Log Storage
  • Jib, Portal, Linear & Circular Track Cranes
  • Log Feeders & Decks
  • Tree-Length & Shorter Log Debarking & Chipping
  • Chip Screens & Re-chippers
  • Truck Dumping Systems (Drive Over & Tilting Deck)
  • Automated Chip Storage & Reclaim Systems
  • Screening, Air Density Separation, Metal & Non-Metal Detection & Removal Systems
  • Woodyard Controls

Power & Chemical Recovery

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  • Strippers & Recovery Systems
  • TRS Systems
  • Lime Kilns
  • Vacuum Drum Filters
  •  Feedwater pH Controls
  • Control Rooms
  • Dregs Filtering
  • Power Systems
  • ARC Flash Studies

Pulping & Bleaching

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  • Mechanical pulping
  • TMP
  • CTMP
  • Bleach Processing
  • Digester & Tile Chest Modifications

Stock Prep & Recycling

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  • Stock Preparation
  • Refiner Upgrades & Controls

Paper Machines, Roll Handling, Converting

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  • Paper Machine Modifications
  • Coaters & Resin Systems
  • Kraft & Fine Paper
  • Board Lines
  • Take-Up & Roll Handling
  • Roll Wrapper Systems
  • Crane Structures
  • Machine Controls
  • Chemical Additive Systems
  • Starch/Size Preparation

ITAC delivers a quality product at competitive cost. Our experience to date has been excellent with regard to engineering services. Engineering has been very responsive, innovative, and open to discussions regarding the technical content of the deliverables. The current electrical crew onsite is performing well.

Al Davis, Sr. Project Engineer | WestRock