Life Sciences

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We understand that protecting product quality and brand integrity is critical when designing and building changes or expansions in life sciences facilities.  In fact, many of our chemical/process engineers and constructors come to us with direct employment or long-term project assignments within life sciences markets. These leaders have extensive knowledge of process safety management, process validation, FDA, quality and cleanliness requirements and provide valuable insights into our life sciences project decisions.

We have designed, installed and upgraded life sciences processes, packing, material handling, waste and reclaim, fume and vapor removal and numerous utility and facility infrastructure systems. Our automation, integration and control systems capabilities in these areas are second to none. ITAC’s construction experience in these regulated and often hazardous environments is focused on reducing risk with sound safety practices and high-quality work that meets your specifications and deadlines.

Pharmaceuticals Industry Electrical and Manufacturing System

Specialists in life sciences processes.

Life Sciences Expertise

  • Process Building & Structure
  • Batch Processing
  • Continuous Processing
  • Recipe Management
  • Blenders & Mixers
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Process Hazard & Safety Reviews
  • Process Safety Management
  • Probable Loss & Risk Studies
  • Material Handling & Packaging
  • Fume & Vapor Removal
  • Waste Handling & Reclaim Systems
  • Dry Material Handling
  • Gas Scrubbing Systems
  • Gelatine Capsule Manufacturing
  • Capsule Sorting/Classification
  • Capsule Filling & Propagation
  • Preparation of Protocols & Validation Manuals
  • Validation Implementation & Compliance
  • Controls Support

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