Bruce Shannon, PE


Bruce is a second-generation engineer following his chemical engineer father who instilled in him a strong work ethic and love of problem solving.  After graduating with a BSEE from the University of Tennessee, Bruce started his career as an instrument engineer at Allied Signal where he developed a keen understanding of the impact that projects have on continuous operations.

Holding numerous engineering, construction and management positions at ITAC since 1989, Bruce has developed a practice of detailed execution planning to assure project success.  He has actively led the scoping and execution of many of ITAC’s largest EPCM and Design-Build projects ranging from $10MM to $150MM TIC. In accordance with ITAC’s Assured Project Management (APM®) tenets, Bruce is focused on providing our clients value through both short-term and long-term results. In addition to delivering projects safely, on schedule and within the appropriated budget, he always assesses the impact that our projects have on operations and maintenance long after we are finished. Bruce also serves on ITAC’s Board of Directors.

Specifically, Bruce has turned his broad multi-discipline experience and lifelong love of solving puzzles into a passion for developing and executing fast-track Design-Build projects. He is not averse to risk and challenges but believes they should be quantified and actively managed.  In his role as VP of Design-Build, Bruce leads a team of professionals in defining, bidding and executing Design-Build projects. These Design-Build skills are also used extensively in project scoping, FEL estimating and outage planning for traditional EPC, EPCM and construction projects where he has developed projects that exceed $2B TIC.  He believes that management should empower and challenge their team while remaining actively engaged to remove barriers to their success.

As President of ITAC Engineers PC, Bruce also has oversight responsibility for ITAC’s engineering operations in North Carolina.

Outside of work, Bruce is very involved with his church, community garden and outreach service projects.

Our clients live with the results of our work long after we are finished. Have we considered our project’s impact on safety, operations and maintenance?

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