Jim Biggins, PE


Jim Biggins knew he wanted to be an engineer from the time he was 10 years old. He drove his parents mad by taking apart every electrical device in his childhood home in his quest to learn how things worked. At 13 he was flying built from scratch radio-controlled airplanes, and at age 16 he had a part time job installing communication equipment into police vehicles for the local town government. As a teenager and now a seasoned professional, Jim’s passion for engineering has always been one of his greatest assets.

After earning a degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech, Jim started his professional career as a Substation Engineer with responsibilities for protective relaying, SCADA, and generation control system installation and maintenance on power systems operating between 5 and 35 KV. Motivated by a strong work ethic, Jim earned an MBA from Old Dominion University and was already a licensed Professional Engineer within four years of launching his career.

Jim joined ITAC in 2006, and two years later he was selected to create and lead ITAC’s Power Systems division. Since that time, Jim has developed a team of talented individuals who have delivered custom power system solutions throughout the United States as well as multiple projects in Europe and Asia. The more complex and unique the system, the more Jim and his team of engineers and fabricators get to show off their experience and skill for providing innovative and specialized solutions. Not a desk-driving engineer, Jim spends most days in ITAC’s manufacturing facility, supervising the fabrication and testing of equipment, or at customer facilities, overseeing the startup and commissioning of the systems his team has designed and built. This hands-on experience spanning two decades cannot be taught, and its value to ITAC’s customers cannot be overstated.

We enjoy doing challenging work. The more unique and demanding a project is, the more our team enjoys coming to work each day to make it happen for our clients.

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