Leo Grinsteiner, CSP


 Leo Grinsteiner provides safety and health program leadership, direction, and passion to the ITAC organization.  He oversees all of ITAC’s safety program and staff.  He has served in similar roles with construction and industrial companies across the country for nearly 30 years.   He began his career at a VPP designated refinery as a project safety supervisor and progressed in responsibility to larger and more complex projects with increasing standards of operation. Having worked for owners, general and subcontractors in both the private and government sectors, Leo brings a unique perspective as to what’s required for a truly successful, effective, and harmonious safety and health culture.

When asked why he got into the safety profession, Leo will tell you “I love construction and getting things done, and I love people – so being a construction safety professional seemed like the right fit”. Leo is a Certified Safety Professional and earned a degree in Occupational Safety from Illinois State University – in part, “because the course work combined mechanics with psychology, law and problem solving”, a unique mix that is always challenging.

Leo’s most rewarding past role as a safety professional was serving as an IIF™ – Incident and Injury Free™ stakeholder and team leader.  IFF™ is a highly effective culture change process that powerfully challenges all levels of a company to examine their personal relationship to safety and each other.

Prior to college Leo served in the US Marine Corps as a tank crewman and later providing diplomatic security for two US Embassies in the middle east.  Outside of his professional life, Leo enjoys carpentry projects, hiking, spartan races, riding his Harley and celebrating holidays with family.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast1its especially true for safety performance.

1Peter Drucker

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