Mark Romers


Mark Romers has always had a passion for environmental sustainability as well as water conservation and treatment. As the founder of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Mark has spent over four decades providing municipal and industrial clients with technical services to help them maintain automated systems for their plants. Throughout the years as water and water treatment became more precious and critical for public consumption and environmental concerns, Mark turned his focus to municipal work. He has successfully implemented over $150MM in project solutions, including automating two wastewater treatment plants in Alexandria Egypt as well as the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world, which treats up to one billion gallons of wastewater daily.

Since ITAC acquired ICS in November 2022, Mark now utilizes his passion and extensive experience as ITAC’s Director of Water Technologies. Mark brings to ITAC two patented technologies: Filter Magic®, a filter control system technology which focuses on providing water, wastewater and industrial clients with state-of-the-art filter control systems that are highly reliable and cost-effective; and Zero2Waste®, a filter backwash optimization system that can save clients as much as 85% of the water typically used to clean their filters.

Mark’s dedication to water conservation and treatment brings ITAC’s Water Technologies the opportunity to grow throughout North America and beyond, focusing on helping clients optimize their plants to save water. In today’s world with global warming and megadroughts draining rivers and reservoirs across the world and affecting people everywhere, he believes that every drop counts!

Water… Every Drop Counts!

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