Mike Pitek


Since 1990, Mike Pitek has coupled his problem-solving aptitude with a passion for customer service to drive successful outcomes for industrial clients. He began his career as a direct mechanical/project engineer for a Fortune 500 industrial manufacturer. Desiring exposure to the challenges of a larger, more diverse client base, and enthused by the company’s innovation of the project delivery process, Mike joined ITAC in 1996. He honed his ability to perform and lead engineering and design on ITAC’s largest design build efforts, followed by two years of “keeping the mill running” and leading projects at an ITAC client site. Through this in-the-trenches experience, he has developed a unique ability to understand our clients’ needs and conquer their challenges.

After a decade developing his craft, Mike began managing large, capital design build projects for ITAC’s most critical customers. These “turn around” projects had a similar focus – heavy retrofit, fast track, mission critical assignments to scope, engineer, construct, startup and manage projects. These opportunities allowed ITAC to perfect the organization, skills and processes required to deliver assured success and to develop many “Raving Fan” clients. Along the way, including when he managed ITAC’s Mechanical and Process Engineering and Design and Project Management teams, Mike has striven to teach, coach, and empower teams to execute projects with success.

Today as Project Director of Design-Build Project Execution and Services, Mike focuses his talents and energies on driving successful outcomes for large, complex Design-Build projects. He ensures that ITAC’s project teams identify what success looks like for our client and develops plans to achieve that success.  He challenges all project team members to listen to the clients’ needs from start to finish and to build and maintain strong customer relationships. Through continued mentoring, coaching, leadership and regular engagement with all levels across all operating units, Mike strives to ensure the daily primary focus of all is delivering success for our clients.

My long tenure at ITAC is rooted in the fact that we put our clients’ needs first. Each client can be assured that our passion is to deliver success and a winning experience every time.

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