Paul May


Having served ITAC for over 23 years and now leading the Information Technology department, Paul May is a critical part of the technological growth of the company. A former US Marine, he is now a Microsoft Certified Engineer, whose knowledge and ability to adapt to new technology has allowed ITAC to stay current with the industry standards for IT.

By 2022, the IT department’s responsibility grew to over 35 virtualized servers, leveraging the power of Microsoft 365 and 100s Terabytes of shared data in addition to providing our 5 remote offices with access to files and resources and support for over 400 end users. IT support includes extensive employee training on proper data and email security.

The field of Information Technology is constantly changing as new security challenges arise and cloud based applications and services must be tested and fully vetted before ITAC can utilize these tools for supporting our clients. Under Paul’s leadership, the IT department is focused on providing a cutting edge, secure network for our clients and employees.

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