Unit 3 BMS Conversion for Utility Power Station

Innovative Solutions

ITAC performed Unit 3 boiler upgrades at the client’s power station, which required the following upgrades and replacement of components:

  • Boiler Fuel Firing Components: engineering and design to replace 32 heavy oil gun carriages and retract mechanisms for all 4 firing elevations of an 800MW double furnace boiler. Replacement included rework of oil piping; modifications of lower level piping to enable switching of fuel oil between heavy oil and light oil; and installation of instrumentation on retract mechanisms.
  • Boiler Ignition System Components: engineering and design to install 24 new High Energy Arc Igniters at upper three elevations and 8 new light oil igniters at lower elevation of same boiler. Responsibilities included light oil igniter specification revisions and shop inspections. Made boiler modifications to accommodate new design of light oil igniters.
  • Flame Scanner System: engineering and design to replace 32 flame scanners. Engineered new air supply system, including new blowers and piping, for both flame scanner cooling air and for primary ignition air for the new light oil igniters.
  • Windbox Modifications: engineering and design to fabricate 32 double-wall burner corner panels that support the oil guns, igniters and flame scanners. ITAC’s shop fabricated part of these assemblies.
  • Damper Actuators: engineering scope development for the replacement of new damper drives for all 16 SOFA dampers, 32 auxiliary air and 32 fuel air windbox dampers, including controls upgrades to improve air/auxiliary air control and to obtain better control of stack opacity.
  • Replacement of major ductwork as well as boiler modifications to comply with requirements of MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards). To safely and  successfully execute this project, we provided full-time onsite management and support including a construction manager, a safety manager, a project engineer, a start-up engineer, and an outage scheduler.