Capacity Expansion

Innovative Solutions

ITAC was part of an integrated team with the owner and technology provider to deliver this project from site development and deep pile foundations through equipment setting/process implementation and balance of plant construction to successful completion and start-up, ahead of schedule and $5 million under budget. The project involved a raw material receiving/handling, screening and drying operation, and multiple kiln replacements. With a peak construction force of approximately 75 craftsmen per shift and 10 contractors, we planned and managed a 28 day outage to replace a 100′ long kiln within a 5-story structure and the building foundations, all of which had been damaged by acid.

The plant’s carbon production was limited at the front end of the process by the drying capacity of their kilns and the variability of the feedstock moisture content. In order to maintain product quality, the kiln processing rate was purposely limited to accommodate the swings in feedback moisture. Their production capacity was increased by adding new direct material handling systems, conveying, storage, and process equipment including bulk bag and unit packaging. The equipment was designed to operate continuously for 50 weeks per year and to handle flammable material. We also provided extensive structural changes including the replacement of gas burners, fuel tranes, ductwork, and conveyors as well as electrical and controls design. ITAC collaborated with the client and OEM to implement an innovative layout solution which increased the client’s plant-wide capacity.