Combined Heat & Power System

Innovative Solutions

This project at Norfolk Naval Station involved the design and supply of custom 15KV and 38KV switchgear systems installed in pre-fabricated Power Control Centers (PCCs) along with other control system equipment. The PCCs housed all control, protection, and power system equipment necessary to operate a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant made up of one 15MW Solar Combustion Turbine, two 2.5MW Caterpillar Natural Gas Generators, and two 3MW Caterpillar Diesel Generators. The system is capable of black-start, fixed output, and utility import control operating modes. While in utility import control, ITAC’s custom-designed and programmed control system tracks the load import from the Navy’s four 75 MVA 34.5KV utility services and modulates power output of the CHP plant’s generators to comply with minimum load requirements established by the Navy’s utility company, Dominion Energy.