Crosstown Road Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Client Challenge

Lack of efficiency & outdated automation

Our client needed to rebuild and re-automate their existing filter systems. They were looking to increase filter system efficiency and their conservation of water. There was also a need for innovative technology and proven automation solutions to help increase water quality and consistency while reducing overall operator errors.

ITAC Solution

Automate & expand the filter system

ITAC provided this water treatment plant a new Filter Magic® Zero2Waste® filter control system. This control system helped to fully automate and optimize their filters for maximum operational efficiency and improved water savings.

ITAC rebuilt and expanded their 13 MGD 8-filter system to a 23 MGD system. We rebuilt their filters using new stainless-steel underdrains, media, filter controls, and hydraulics all while maintaining operations at the water treatment plant throughout the duration of the project.

Project Results

Improved water filtration efficiency by 85%

Through our innovative solutions, backwash highwash durations were reduced from 13 minutes to 3 minutes while runtimes were increased from 70 hours to 160 hours.

The client has substantially reduced the amount of water required per backwash by as much as 85% resulting in 110 million gallons of water saved annually. Compared to their prior filtration system, our new innovative technology delivers an annual savings of $300,000 worth of water, which can provide water to 1,375 households in their community for free.

A Raving Fan

The client was very satisfied with the performance, reliability, and water saved by our Filter Magic® Zero2Waste® control system at the Crosstown Road Water Treatment Plant. When South Fayette’s Water Treatment Plant needed to have their filter control system upgraded, ITAC was selected to perform the work.

The Fayette County Water System has become a leader regionally and throughout the United States in conserving water. To date, they have saved over 1 billion gallons of water from these initiatives.


ITAC has been wonderful to work with on this project. Their commitment and attention to detail really shows in the final product at the end of the day. Everyone works together as a team and treated me like I was part of the Family. I look forward to working with ITAC on future projects.

– Kenny Webster, Project Manager | Nutrien