Custom Collapsible Guardrail for U.S. Supreme Court

Innovative Solutions

After meeting all necessary federal requirements, ITAC Fall Protection was fortunate to work on the roof of the U.S. Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C. The work was executed as a subcontractor to Forrester Construction. We were tasked to fabricate and install a custom collapsible guardrail along the building’s cornice in order to fulfill the Architect of the Capitol’s historic preservation needs.

Additional elements of the project included a tilt-up access ladder, fall arrest rigid rails, and miscellaneous metal fabrications, which ITAC Custom Machinery fabricated in-house. Working on such an iconic structure and attaching to antiquated copper flashing and clay tiles was challenging and required special attention to the way in which we created the holes/fasteners. For aesthetic purposes, the guardrail had to collapse into the gutter line when not in use. In order to meet this specific need, we relied on our Custom Machinery team’s unique materials knowledge to provide a special coating on the guardrail. Additionally, we had to create and provide a training module to demonstrate the usage of this unique guardrail. Finally, we had to coordinate closely with other trades, including the roofing company and the testing agency, to ensure the project was completed within the short schedule while the Supreme Court was not in session.