Emergency Backup Power System

Innovative Solutions

ITAC was selected to provide a turnkey 9 MW, 5KV automated backup power system for this investor-owned utility company’s 783 MW combustion turbine power generation facility. ITAC provided all disciplines of engineering services necessary to install three 3 MW Caterpillar C175 diesel generators in sound-attenuated enclosures, custom Arc Resistant 5KV generator paralleling switchgear, a permanent fuel unloading station, and physical security systems for all new infrastructure. The generator paralleling switchgear system was custom designed and built in our 30,000 square foot switchgear and control panel fabrication facility in Chester, VA. ITAC was also responsible for integrating the new emergency diesel generator system with the plant’s existing complex controls to provide for a completely automated power restoration capability upon loss of offsite power. ITAC performed all electrical and mechanical installation services using our own self-perform construction capabilities. Our Power Systems team tested and commissioned the power system components and placed them into service during a planned facility outage. This complex project was completed on time and exceeded all the client’s requirements.