Ethanol Plant Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems

Innovative Solutions

This $3M+ project involved the specification, design, fabrication, delivery and erection of 7 site specific, pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) to service and support the barley protein mill plant on the Appomattox Bio Energy (ABE) site.

There were several specific challenges that required innovative thinking by our engineering staff to overcome on the project such as:

  • Blast resistant design utilizing pressure relief fastening systems and tethering
  • FM Global Corner pressure design to accommodate intricate roof systems
  • Incorporation of high speed fabric doors to facilitate rail car and truck access
  • Enclosure of centrifuge at high elevation
  • Incorporation of the supports for conveying over the tops of several of the buildings
  • Infrastructure and utility support
  • Support of process piping and sheltering of process related tankage
  • Diked areas for tank containment
  • Congested site conditions requiring coordination with multiple trades during construction

Assured Success

The project was contracted and constructed safely, on time and within the conformed budget for the work involved. After the plant was commissioned, ITAC had an ongoing engineering and maintenance support contract and completed over $1.5MM in services.


    Appomattox Bio Energy


    Hopewell, Virginia

  • COST


    • Design Build
    • Engineering & Design
    • Construction
    • JMB Technologies

Client Testimonial

ITAC was selected due to price efficiency and their experience in the design and construction of high voltage industrial power systems. They even provided value engineering ideas that reduced capital installation costs as well as helped to reduce operational and maintenance costs.” - Timothy Richter, Appomattox Bio Energy
Timothy Richter, Appomattox Bio Energy Ethanol Plant

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