Facility SEL Relay & Redundant Real-time SCADA System Installation

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ITAC was awarded this $4M project to engineer, fabricate, install, commission, and support a completely new protective relaying system, load tap changer control system, and dual redundant real-time SCADA system for all three of the facility’s 115KV substations. In all, we installed, programmed, and commissioned about 40 new Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL) relays. Real Time Automation Controllers (RTAC) from SEL were also used to aggregate data from relays in real time and provide operators monitoring, control, trending, and event reporting capabilities via a redundant 10,000+ tag SCADA system based on software from ICONICS. All protective relaying panels were fabricated and tested in our 30,000 square foot panel shop and fabrication facility in Chester, VA. All SCADA system software simulations and testing were conducted at our Software Simulation Lab to confirm SCADA system and relay operations prior to shipment to the site. We completed the site installation and final commissioning services.


    NASA Langley Research Center

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    Hampton, Virginia

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