Fall Protection for Food & Beverage Plant

Innovative Solutions

ITAC Fall Protection has had the privilege of serving Mondelez Atlanta (Kraft) since 2009. Our first project involved a comprehensive site survey which identified 33 hazards. Mondelez then used our survey for budget planning. Recent jobs have utilized numerous product lines and multiple custom solutions.  Below are a few projects that highlight a trusting, long-term relationship between ITAC and Mondelez:

Phase I

After performing the site survey, we began the initial phase of work which included fall protection engineering solutions for multiple hazards. To overcome these hazards, the following fall protection systems were installed: vertical cable systems, overhead anchorage points, and rigid rail systems. The phase also included preliminary design and engineering for three larger areas needing fall protection.

Phase II

Phase II included engineering, design, and installation of numerous fall protection systems. Overhead anchorage points were installed over mixers and the laminator. In addition, two horizontal lifelines were installed over conveyors. Customized rolling stairs were added to assist workers while performing maintenance activities atop the ovens.

It also included the engineering and installation of fall protection for four of the original hazards. A custom platform was added to an existing conveyor, and a rigid rail system was installed over one of the ovens. Permanently mounted guardrails and safety gates were added to the topside of existing ovens.

Phase III

Phase III provided solutions for ten more of the hazards noted in the initial hazard assessment. The fall protection implemented during this phase was associated with worker access on the loader line, duster, and oven blowers. Fall protection systems that were engineered and installed during this phase included: numerous overhead anchorage points, a rigid rail system, and inspection of a system previously installed.