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Hampton Farms purchased an existing building in Franklin, VA to house a new peanut butter processing facility. They hired multiple engineering consultants, independent process consultants, and equipment manufacturers to supply the equipment and engineering required to implement the project. ITAC provided full scale engineering solutions for the balance of plant engineering, engineering coordination between the different consultants and equipment suppliers, and Construction and Construction Management services.  ITAC’s specific engineering efforts included mechanical/piping, controls automation and instrumentation, electrical, and CSA.

The existing building required major changes to the HVAC systems, electrical distribution to the building from the local utility and electrical distribution to the process equipment. Several building extensions were added to the building as well as multiple walls being added to the interior of the building. The building has five (5) separate process areas each requiring different cleanliness and environmental conditions, and two (2) different finished product storage areas. Several large pieces of equipment are also located outside of the building. The process areas are: raw peanut cleaning, roasting, blanching, peanut processing, and packaging. ITAC developed the equipment layout drawings for the facility based on each vendor’s equipment drawings. This changed multiple times during the project due to changes in the type of equipment that Hampton Farms selected as their vision for the facility evolved.  Shortly after starting the project, Hampton Farms changed the type of equipment that would be used to move the peanuts from one (1) piece of equipment to another. This had a significant impact on the layout of the equipment in the raw peanut cleaning, roasting, blanching, and peanut processing areas. The layout of the peanut butter processing area changed significantly several times as the pumping and piping systems evolved. ITAC developed the equipment layouts in 3D CAD and was therefore able to quickly adjust the layout of the equipment as the client made changes to the equipment selection.

Four (4) building extension were added to the building, and three (3) large pieces of equipment were installed on foundations outside of the building.  These modifications to the outside of the building required site plans to be developed for the property which included grading, drainage, erosion and sediment controls.  Underground utilities and additional gravel parking areas were also installed.  ITAC met with and worked closely with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in the development and approval of the facilities site plan.  Existing conditions and the constructability of the project on the site added to the complexity of the site plan.

ITAC developed the control architecture for the project utilizing FactoryTalk View SE system with six clients, ControlLogix L75 based system utilizing Ethernet/IP to communicate to Powerflex VFD’s, and MCS Iso bus design for IEC starter panels utilizing Bulletin 103T combination starters.  All data was routed through Stratix 5700 switches.  The multi-door control panels were designed utilizing Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture Builder and Proposal Works software which enabled the design to be modified efficiently as required when the client made changes to the process.  ITAC’s panel shop fabricated the control panels which shortened the checkout and delivery time.

ITAC’s controls engineers worked with the equipment vendors and Hampton Farms to develop the process functional specification for the four (4) process areas and developed the PLC program logic for the four (4) areas.

The existing power feed from the local utility had to be upgraded from a low resistance grounded substation from 1500kVA to 2000kVA through cabling and metering changes.  A new 2500kVA substation, associated switchgear, and a low voltage power distribution system was also installed.  Two (2) substations located at different ends of the building were utilized to balance the power load in the facility, and to minimize the linear feet of power cables required to feed the equipment.

Additionally, the following utility systems were upgraded:  the addition of two 300-ton chillers to support HVAC and process cooling loads; installation of a new 300hp VFD controlled dust collection system; addition of 12 roof top air handlers; complete new LED high-bay lighting; and process and business network cabling.  Work also included five separate equipment design packages that provided power to the equipment as well as all the interconnecting wiring necessary for machine and line control.

To meet the clients schedule requirements, the project was implemented utilizing a design build approach.  ITAC supported this with an onsite construction manager, safety manager, and utilized ITAC’s self-perform electrical, mechanical, piping, and structural construction craft personnel.  ITAC also bid out and awarded contracts to specialty contractors.  With this approach, changes made by the client were addressed in engineering and quickly provided to the construction personnel.  This approach provided Hampton Farms a single project manager to work with for both engineering and construction.


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