Polymer Dryer Replacement

Innovative Solutions

ITAC provided preliminary engineering, detailed design, and construction services for this polymer dryer replacement project. The detailed design for piping tie-ins and relocations was performed during FEL3 as this work had to occur during a fixed plant outage window. This presented significant risks as the project scope was not yet finalized. Only minimal rework was later required. Project communication was substantially increased during the initial design phase to ensure that the constraints, whether process or physical space, were understood and accounted for within the design.

Due to schedule requirements, it was necessary to proceed with detailed design with non-finalized vendor information. This required significantly more coordination between ITAC, the client, and the dryer system vendor to process over ninety equipment submittals. Laser scanning was performed throughout the project which provided the project team with up-to-date information during detailed design. The structural steel fabricator provided a 3D model of their shop drawings, allowing ITAC to import the information into the project 3D model. This expedited the shop drawing review cycle. More importantly, ITAC was able to perform a more thorough clash review as the steel connection details, e.g. gusset plates, were more accurately shown in the project 3D model. The duct fabricator also provided a 3D model of their shop drawings which provided similar benefits to those described above.

ITAC’s Construction team performed constructability reviews focusing on rigging of equipment for installation as well as maintenance activities, e.g. pulling immersed heat exchangers and conveyor screw replacement. Our Construction team also reviewed the detailed design drawings and provided input to ITAC’s Engineering team prior to issuing drawings ‘For Construction.’ ITAC’s integrated Engineering and Construction teams worked together to address questions and provide clarifications during construction.