Power Systems for Vital Financial Institution

Innovative Solutions

ITAC’s unique company profile that includes numerous engineering and construction disciplines and trades allows for a turnkey solution for customers with complex technical engineering, hardware, and installation requirements such as those found in this project. ITAC’s ability to design, fabricate, and install power equipment within an operating financial institution so vital to our banking system proves beyond a shadow that we are one of the country’s most innovative suppliers of power systems services.  No unplanned power shutdowns or even small interruptions were experienced as ITAC reconfigured the fundamental systems and components that now provide reliable power across the facility. Below is a description of the services performed in this high-pressure project:

  • Power Systems – Our power systems team engineered and managed this project and programmed the PLCs. They supplied the electrical equipment: PLCs; switchboards; UPS modules, disconnects and paralleling switchboard; automatic transfer switch, generator control system and a facility-wide monitoring system.
  • Engineering & Design – Our engineers used the equipment documentation provided by our power systems team to produce an installation package for our Construction group, including IFC drawings supplemented by record drawings.
  • Construction – Our electrical construction team installed the equipment supplied by the power systems team, plus installed and connected all conduit, cabling and wiring.  Numerous well-planned outages were required to demo the old systems and tie-in the new.  While shutting down and removing this equipment, ITAC caused no interruptions to the bank’s daily operations. Our mechanical/rigging construction professionals led the demolition and removal of the old gear and rigging and setting of the new.
  • Fall Protection – Our fall protection personnel replaced an existing ladder with a newly fabricated stairs and platform.

Assured Success

The bank’s UPS switchboard system is now split into fully redundant A&B trains that can both power-up and run the bank’s critical components.  If either train loses power, the ITAC control system will start the back-up generators within milli-seconds.  ITAC installed a battery-backed UPS system as well.

Given all the mini-outages involving numerous pieces of critical electrical/power gear, ITAC did not expose this trillion-dollar institution to a single down-time incident.  Our interface with Dominion Energy to temporarily disconnect and reconnect power and our repeated lock-out/tag out processes proved time and again that ITAC’s attention to execution details and safety is second to none. Our execution and outage planning, scheduling and manpower assignments, project management and field supervision, and installation crews collaborated for assured project success.


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