Snacks Diverter

Innovative Solutions

Snackers hummus cups were piling up on the accumulating table when downstream equipment was down. Unless operators responded quickly by manually unloading the table, the cups would spill over onto the floor as the filler was not stopping the steady supply of cups. ITAC designed and built an automated diverter system that anticipated congestion on the table through the use of ultrasonic sensing technology and would actuate one of two diverter arms to safely offload product into bins. The automated filling of the bins would allow operators additional time to offload the excess cups without damage, while allowing additional time for maintenance to address the downstream equipment issues.

Other notable projects for Sabra include the design and installation of conveyors and x-ray machines. Our Construction Management and Self-Perform Electrical Construction teams have assisted in doubling production during Sabra’s recent plant expansion, installed filler lines, relocated equipment, executed process improvements, and led the design-build of Sabra’s new wastewater treatment building.