Authorized Worker Training Course

Authorized Worker Training Course Overview

This course is intended for those whose job responsibilities require them to work at elevations on a consistent basis. This is an interactive session with overhead/computer presentations, hands-on applications and a written knowledge test to facilitate the course objectives.

Upon completion of the course, students will have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Magnitude of the problem/OSHA fall protection statistics
  • Applicable Fall Protection regulations
  • Fall Protection hierarchy of controls including elimination, prevention, arrest and administrative
  • ABC’s of Fall Protection including anchorage, body support, connection means and compatibility
  • Equipment availability in the marketplace
  • Full body harness including application and donning/doffing
  • Lanyards:
    • Shock absorbing
    • Self-retracting
    • Y-lanyards
  • Introduction to:
    • Vertical lifelines
    • Horizontal lifelines
    • Rigid rail systems
    • Ladder climbing systems
    • Work positioning systems
    • Specialized Fall Protection equipment
  • Best practices

ITAC Fall Protection will provide all Fall Protection equipment required for instruction; however, students are encouraged to bring their own personal fall arrest equipment to the course for use and demonstration.

A spiral bound course manual will be issued to each student.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be considered for Competent Person status by their employer and will receive a certificate with applicable expiration date for retraining/re-certification.

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    4 to 8 Hours

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