Competent Person Training Course

Competent Person Training Course Overview

This course is intended for individuals whose job responsibilities require them to actively participate in the rules, training, and the execution of site‐specific Fall Protection directives at their work site or facility. This is an interactive session with a visual presentation and thorough in-class discussion.

References:   ANSI Z359.2, OSHA §1910.30

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to recognize and mitigate fall hazards through a prescribed hierarchy of fall hazard controls and will have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Magnitude of the problem including insurance industry, OSHA, and BLS data
  • Identification of fall hazards and fall hazard assessment techniques
  • Fall Protection regulations
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection controls including elimination, prevention, restraint and arrest
  • Anchorage point selection: strength and clearance
  • PPE selection, application, inspection, and operating principles:
    • Lanyards (shock-absorbing, 100% tie-off)
    • Harnesses
    • Retractables
  • Introduction of engineered anchorages and other specialized equipment:
    • Horizontal and vertical lifelines/ladder climbing systems
    • Rigid rail systems and work positioning systems
    • 1st Man up/remote connect-disconnect devices
  • Fall arrest system clearance calculations
  • Qualitative/Quantitative fall hazard risk assessment
  • Management of Fall Protection projects using Assured Project Management (APM®)
  • Rescue considerations
    • Best practices

A spiral bound notebook will be issued to each attendee. Students are requested to bring their own PPE, if available, for hands-on instruction.

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    ITAC Training Center in Chester, VA or Client Site

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    16 Hours (2 days)

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