Competent Rescue Training Course

Competent Rescue Training Course Overview

This course is intended for those whose job responsibilities require them to actively participate in work at heights in construction or general industry. This course will teach the basics of self-rescue as will as assisting a fall victim.

This course is geared toward hands-on participation with some classroom involvement. Equipment and gear will be provided; however, it is recommended that students bring what they will be using on a regular basis.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate and deploy basic self-rescue and assisted rescue techniques.

Program Topics:

  • Self-rescue and the equipment needed
  • Assisted rescue of the conscious victim
  • Assisted rescue of the unconscious victim
  • 911 as the only solution
  • Suspension trauma
  • Site-specific considerations
  • Pre-planning

A spiral bound course manual will be issued to each student.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be considered for Competent Person status by their employer and will receive a certificate with applicable expiration date for retraining/re-certification.

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    ITAC Training Center in Chester, VA

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    16 Hours (2 days)

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